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  2. Greetings, denizens of the interwebs. Today the calendar reads 8-6-2014!! This is a phenomenon that occurs only ONCE IN YOUR ENTIRE GODDAMN LIFE!!!! Crazy cult people might even drink poison today, though most likely it is because today is also a Wednesday, and Wednesdays suck. So you’d better make the most of it and eat ice cream because at midnight this day will end, never to return again!!!! Sweet Mary mother of Pete, why am I even online????

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    Compliments of the Red Hat Society

    When a person is a week shy of turning 100, she develops a kind of innocence- or rather, a casual indifference to social norms.
    One such person, a tiny wizened lady, was slowly making her way toward breakfast this morning when a member of the staff pointed out to her that her skirt was inside out. My lady stared at this person for a second, then without a word, right there in the lobby, dropped her skirt to the floor. I did a kind of yelp, ran over to her yelling HANG ON HANG ON HANG ON HANG ON, and assisted her to a bathroom to rectify the situation. Later I laughed myself stupid.
    I want to be her when I grow up.

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    You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.
    — Jonathan Safran Foer (via observando)